Sean is a director and editor focused on telling LGBTQ stories.

Peter Smith

"I met performer and comedian Peter Smith at a show in Williamsburg. They did an Annette Bening impersonation that still resonates with me to this day. Here, they sing a 60-second serenade, just in time for the holidays."


Cakeboy x You Do You

"I wanted to elevate the concept of a makeup tutorial—push it in a new direction. Collaborating with MUA Marcelo Gutierrez and photographer Kristiina Wilson of You Do You, we created a 'boy beauty' moment that was anything but gimmicky."


Anthony Cudahy

"I originally only did an online interview with Anthony for Cakeboy, but then went back and decided to see him at work in his studio. It was interesting to see the way his work complemented that of his partner's, photographer Ian Lewandowski."


Santiago Venegas

"Santiago is an amazing soul and a talented performance artist. He also has an incredible sense of humor. I think it all shines through in this brief video portrait we did for the first issue of Cakeboy."